Fantastic day, everyone! I’m verdaccio and back with some awesome tips for pushing your trophies. Especially! For those of you who get stuck in a certain number of trophies. Here we go, champs!



Be Consistent with Your Strategy

Usually, after some players get angry when they lose on a streak, they tend to change their deck again and again. Well, it’s just wrong. You can’t win with your new tactics which unproven to be an effective tactic. You have to work on your play style so, you can improve your play style. When you change it, you need to make an effort from the start just to adapt to your new way of play.

If you encounter this situation you might want to train yourself in the training camp and see what’s wrong with your strategy. Then, you can replace a card or two to make it perfect once more. Being consistent with your play style can really be a great help for you to get many wins and a huge number of trophies.


Play in Best Times and Right Place

Some players just play whenever they want to play. Anyway, it’s not wrong but, it can be the end of you. If you play while you waiting for something important and while you play, you have to leave it and result in losses. I usually keep myself not to play the game while I’m in the middle of something. An effective way not to keep losing trophies we collect so hard.

I advise you guys to play in your spare time where you can seriously play, with some music probably. Since circumstances matter you have to get away from any distraction so, it’ll make you concentrate on your game. It takes time to collect trophies, that’s why it’s impossible to just play a battle or two to get many trophies. You have to find the right time and place to start battling.



Watch and Learn 

Whenever you lose, watch again the battle and learn what’s your mistake or what’s wrong with it. You can always try to fix it in the next battle. One of the greatest players do is learn from their mistake and never repeat it. You might as well end up being mediocre if you keep playing without learning every mistake you made.


The moment you realize your mistake and how to overcome it you’ll be able to win the next battle and the next after. Still, when you found any more, you always have to know how to deal with it. Remember, pushing trophies is a thing you get from so many winnings. Also, you can watch any good players play and perhaps learn some style from them.



Give yourself a break from hunting those trophies. Even best players in the world know when to stop playing. I usually stop playing between 10-20 game while I keep winning the battle I keep playing but, when I lose a game, finally that’s my cue to go back to my life. You have a life to live, right? Yeah, then go! Darken your phone screen.

Anyway, you need a rest because you want to pursue trophies and keep the trophies. If you keep playing, who knows you’ll return all the trophies you get. Just take 5 or make it 10, drink water and eat something before you go back to hunt some more trophies.



Well, that’s it from me guys! If you have some other things for us, please kindly share it in comment column down below. In the meantime, enjoy the game! Verd peace out!