Howdy Monday people! I hope you still exciting in following our content. Today, I’m JohnnyBoy comes out with an inspiring article. Today, I’m gonna talk about a wizard deck where we are gonna have three wizards in one deck.


Wizards Bloody Wizard, Behold the three elements at one deck!

First of all, we will combine those wizards with spells that suit them. Actually, this is a just for fun article but even though this is a fun deck, it works! We will have three mighty wizards, one witch, and four spells that suit them. What I mean by the suit is having the spells according to their power ability. Having this unification of wizards makes us have everything we need; we have stoppers, damage dealers, controller, and damage receiver. 

Alright, I don’t wanna make you confuse anymore, let’s get see the deck


Deck Matchups

Average Elixir Cost : 4


Ice wizard and Freeze

The first in our list we have the icy cards. Ice wizard in this deck can help us when defending. Its freeze effect can work really well as it slows down the enemy. Besides ice wizard, we have another icy card which we can use to strengthen either defense or counter. But here I tell you guys, the ice wizard and freeze can be so helpful and works best when we use it to defend. Ice wizard is the troop that has the highest HP and slowing down the enemy by giving freeze effect is the best way to defend.

In addition, talking about the ice wizard, this one is my favorite because I think ice wizard is the game controller. What I mean by the game controller is that this card can slow every troop and that makes our supports and tower be able to strike the enemy more times. Ice wizard controls their speed movement, so their ability won’t be maximum.

On the contrary, we have freeze spell. This card is good in both defending and attacking because as we all know, it gives us time to hit more on the enemy while they are silent. By the presence of freeze spell, our troops will be maximum and dominate the game.

Electro wizard and zap

Next, we have electro wizard and zap which basically similar. These two cards can stun the enemy and reset everything they hit. Besides delivering damage point and stun, the ewiz down coming will give an effect similar to zap spell. Once he downs to the battlefield, the troops like minion horde, goblin gang, and other swarm troops will be executed because of its zap. Indirectly, we zap on the enemy while we also want electro wizard on the battlefield.

We can use these two cards as counter cards that are so strong when countering the enemy that strike the damage dealer. So, if the damage dealer already gets to the enemy’s tower, we can just zap on the enemy to beat down the enemy’s counter. Or else, if we face troops that won’t be killed by one zap spell, we can send the electro wizard to be the living zap.

Wizard and Fireball

Another wizard and the suitable spell is wizard and fireball. These fiery cards are our primary damage dealer. So far, we have ice as the standing ford and fiery as the deadly armada. Although they have the same basic; flaming fire, we use them separately. We don’t have to always send the fireball when we have a wizard on the ground. It does not work like that, my friend.

We can use the fireball to get rid of the swarm troops around the tower. Send it when the enemy tries to interrupt our attacking troops. Meanwhile, we send wizard behind the electro or ice wizard. that’s good for wizard’s health. Fire wizard has the highest damage point but lack of passive ability. Therefore, we place fire wizard behind those who have the great passive ability so that they can cover the fire wizard.

Witch and Graveyard

The last couple cards are witch and graveyard. The graveyard is the special one and this is a part of the strategies. We will put graveyard while the electro or ice wizard tanks it. Having at least one of the wizards as a tank can make the graveyard so deadly. So, you better not play the naked graveyard; we still need to tank it. The same thing happens with the witch. Better to put it behind the tanker and she will show you how incredible the synergy of skeletons and its splash damage. We will have plenty of skeletons on the enemy side.

Different with wizard fireball, we can play these cards together. There is nothing more terrible than thousand skeletons clustered on a deadly circle. Trust me guys, if we can place a tanker as a damage receiver, those skeletons will destroy the tower unbelievably fast.

The strategy plan

– You can set the graveyard as the primary counter-strategy or else if you prefer wizard as the primary striker then go ahead.

– Wizard is the primary damage dealer and graveyard is the card that can distract the enemy. That’s what you should keep in mind if you play the wizard as damage dealer.

– When you go to the graveyard, you can put graveyard on the enemy tower and make sure you have one damage receiver. In this case, ice wizard is the best option.

– Before you put graveyard, send witch so that you’ll get extra damage.

– Witch and thousand skeletons can synergize and protect one another.

– Another thing you can do after graveyard is the fireball. Once you have a graveyard, prepare the fireball to counter the troops that divert our graveyard.

How to build up counter

– Send the ice wizard first to build up a counter attack. Ice wizard can lead other supports into the enemy tower.

– Here, the enemy won’t just sit and watch, they will fight back.

– Whatever the counters are, send the electro wizard to handle it.


build up counter from defending with 3 wizards


– If the ice wizard makes it to the tower and still have a lot HP, send the graveyard.

– After the graveyard, play your spell.

– Put the freeze spell you are more likely to get the tower.

– Send the fireball if the enemy launches their counter. We will have extra tower damage here.

– That’s the first counter

– Now, the enemy must fight back. Prepare the electro

– Send the electro wizard to stun the incoming troops.

not just stun the enemy, he can reset Inferno’s gradual damage


– Wait till elixir enough to launch the fire wizard.

– The next counter is using fire wizard as the primary striker.

Alright my dearest readers, that’s it for today’s section. I hope you find this article useful and inspiring. What do you think about these pair combination? If you have any comment or suggestion please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Or if you want me to write a review about anything, just leave that brilliant idea in the comment below. Thank you so much, I love you all, and see you in the next article!