Hello Wednesday! Still cloudy outside the office and I can see it clearly that light rain drops on the green grass outside the windows. I’m so exited for today folks because 2 days more to weekend. Today is another chance for us to do the good, forgive others, and of course, improve CR ability. I’m sure that your game ability will improve more and more with us. You readers are my only inspiration to write more and more and play CR every day. Alright, so today JohnnyBoy brings you another useful article discussing on Three Musketeers Ram in fabulous combo. 

Some of you might not play the 3 fabulous ladies that much, but I do. Three musketeers deck is my primary deck for challenge battle. This deck is so epic and this might be the reason why three musketeers becomes the most expensive card on the game. So, today we will combine 3 musketeers with battle ram along with the best strategies to run the strategy. Playing with three musketeers requires us to play patiently but once we have those gunners, nothing can stop them.

Moreover, we have battle ram as well. This is the part of surprise I would say. No complicated strategy you should concern about. We will send the ram once the three musketeers enters the bridge. Without any further ado, let’s take a look the deck matchups first.

Deck matchups

This is Why 3 Musketeers is the Most Expensive Card

Average elixir cost : 3.9

Play This Deck

Alright, as you can see that we have knight included here. Here is a tip for you, whenever you play three musketeers, you don’t need any heavy tanker like golem, or giants family. You just need a knight to be the damage receiver. Without taking too long, 3 musketeers behind the knight will kill those who interrupts the knight.

So, the first reason why musketeers card is the most expensive is because these gunners don’t need expensive tankers’ support. They can handle incoming troops pretty easily.

Besides the knight, we also have miner on the deck. The miner plays the same role as the knight, to be the tiny tanker. The different is, knight be the tanker in defending and miner in countering.

If you see the pattern, we always have one tiny tanker for 3 musketeers and this will lead the three musketeers from our lane to enemy’s lane.

Besides those tiny tankers, we have goblin gang too. This will be the enemy’s target specifically for PEKKA, inferno dragon, and any other single target troop. See, musketeers only need at least one card in front of them to receive damage, while they quickly kill the enemy’s troops.

Next, we have zap and the ice spirit. These function to hold the enemy’s support with large number. Again, we deploy the cards just to hold the enemy and all these are just for the sake of gunners.

Most noteworthy, we have the elixir collector. You can’t do nothing without it folks seriously. Always bring elixir collector whenever you play with three musketeers, okay? Since three musketeers is your only primary card, you will always need these gunners on the field. Therefore, we need faster elixir recharge so that the elixir can reach 9 bars quicker.

Now, let’s talk about the strategy with battle ram. We will play the battle ram only in 2x elixir. Two barbarians from the ram will be the tankers for the three musketeers. Also, we need its dash damage to add extra damage on the tower.

In facing the building card or siege building, battle ram is the perfect pick to destroy those building. While we have three musketeers ready to shoot, battle ram will be the building target and ready to dash. Imagine how hard our countering in 2x elixir with the ram’s presence. Once the ram broke down, 2 barbarians will be there and tank the gunners.


protected by only one knight

What to do in early game?

Remember folks, never deploy three musketeers to open attack. Better we wait for the enemy’s troops come to our lane first. Then, deploy the three musketeers to kill those incoming troops. In early defending, we can deploy the knight first or three musketeers first. That depends on what troops enemy sends. And what cards do you have on the list. Let say that you have knight or musketeers ready. Deploy the knight first to be the damage receiver. Then immediately deploy the three musketeers to deal with those troops.


3 gunners against everything

To handle the troops like PEKKA, elite barbarians, mega knight, we should deploy the knight first to be their target. Without waiting too long, deploy three musketeers not too close from the enemy troops. We should place the gunners on the safe spot and the best place to deploy them is on the middle. Once those troops headed to the knight, our musketeers will shoot from distance; utilize its ranger performance. As I said earlier, we just need to put one damage receiver in front of musketeers to finish the enemy.

After this defending, see whether or not musketeers are still in good high HP. If they still have at least ¾ HP, we can continue attacking with miner. Now, 3 musketeers will be accompanied by the miner. Before the three musketeers enter the bridge, deploy miner first. This time, we need the gang to be there and add extra damage. This is your first attempt folks. See, there is a long journey of three muskets accompanied by other troops.


Send miner once the musketeers enter the bridge; tower targets on miner

What to do in mid game?

Now, we are about to enter the 2x elixir time. This time, we still play the similar strategy like the first attempt. After the three muskets and miner harm or maybe destroy the tower, your opponent must launch their cards to defend. And those defensive cards might survive and continue counter attack.

This is important time for us to build the collector. So, whenever you have launched three musketeers, launch the collector. The best timing to deploy collector is when we already deploy the musketeers.


build the collector while you wait the incoming troops and if you have knight ready on the list

What we need to do is just to defend with knight musketeers. And this time we can send the gang in order to make sure our gunners don’t get harm so bad.


knight is covering the gunners in defending till enemy’s lane

After combating the opponent in your lane, the three muskets will survive and be able to continue counter attack. Deploy the knight before the three musketeers enter the bridge. After the knight, send the ram in immediate.

Once you have battle ram and knight in front of the three muskets, you’ll 90% get the three crowns. Send the ice spirit to give its freeze effect. This card might not significant, but if it crashes the enemy’s troops, the 3 gunners will most likely win the fight.


Glory with the Ram


There you have it, the reason why 3 musketeers become the most expensive card on the game. That’s because these musketeers don’t need so many supports. Only with 9 elixirs you’ll have supports, damage dealers, rangers, in one package.

See the pattern? Always have at least one damage receiver in both defending and countering. Alright, that’s it from me for today. I hope you enjoy this article and find this useful. See you again soon in another useful article.

See you on battlefield!