If you are looking for Sparky deck new meta or the best current matchups for Sparky, you’re in the right place. Let’s see how Sparky, Giant, Witch, and other support card can make this Sparky deck so strong. Well, this is it, 3 crowns Sparky deck current meta! 


Hello, Guys! Me again, JohnnyBoy and in today’s article, I’m gonna talk about 3 crowns Sparky deck which can bring you three crowns. This Sparky deck breaks down the opinion of those who dislikes and thinks that Sparky, the most awesome legendary card is too slow and not efficient. Alright, this is the deck you should use. 

3 crowns Sparky deck new meta

Average Elixir Cost : 3.6


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It seems like we have simple protection for the sparky here guys. Yes, we don’t have to be bothered to protect the sparky in complicated ways. We just need to bring one high HP troop to be the damage receiver. Here, we have baby dragon which can handle the spawn troops and to counter whatever troops that counter our giant. By bringing these two cards, you already have primary support sparky need to complete the action. Generally speaking, giant and baby dragon prevent the sparky getting distracted; Sparky is so slow in recharging the bolt. So, it will be easily distracted.


The reason I have Witch is to give the splash damage and its skeletons spawns which can add more tiny stabs on the enemy’s troops. We can expect the witch to fasten our giant and baby dragon in countering the enemy’s troops. The witch can lead our defending too because she is strong and we can get extra skeletons which pretty much helpful for pulling out the enemy’s troops.

Minions Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom

I prefer Minions to support air troops which we need to cover the sparky. Hopefully, the sparky will be able to shoot the thunderbolt because our minions distract the enemy. In most cases, the sparky fails to complete the action because it doesn’t have number troops which can distract the enemy. If we haven’t the distraction, it gives the enemy the valuable opportunity; free hit on sparky. Beside its useful support, we can set the minions to support the defense too. I prefer minions because they are pretty cheap, and we can flexibly put them anywhere.


We need Tornado to pull away from the enemy when they approach the sparky. When that happens, we can send the tornado, gather them in the whirlwind, and let sparky diminish all interrupters. Or else, we can send the tornado just to clear up lanes. Therefore, sparky can be straight on focusing the enemy’s tower. Tornado is the most important spell card in this deck because it can support the attack and defense. While defending, we can do the tornado strategy and complete it with the baby dragon or fireball.


As I said before, we need to complete the tornado with the fireball. Fireball can diminish all of the enemy’s troops in the whirlwind, and it turns something dangerous into nothing but ashes. We can get valuable elixir trade if we launch tornado on the enemy’s troops near the tower; we can get damage on the tower as well as the troops. Fireball can also execute the number troops which surrounding the sparky. Same as the tornado, the fireball can ease and fasten our support troops in countering the enemy.

zap-card-Clash-Royale-KingdomSkeletons-Card-Clash-Royale-Kingdom-common card

We can use these two cards for bait. We can reset the inferno if it hits the sparky to prevent the gradual damage. Furthermore, if the enemy sends the skeletons army to interrupt the sparky’s action, we can zap on them. Then, they won’t be the serious problem. Zap can stun the enemy for a while. Also, it slows down the incoming troops so our tower will have more time to reduce their HP. To slow down the enemy, we can send the skeletons too; it distracts and makes the enemy busy.

Ultimate counter combo

We have a protected sparky here, and if we can continuously provide the protection, sparky can successfully run the action; shoot its deadly thunderbolt. 

We can send the sparky behind the tower. Continue with the giant at the bridge. That’s why we should launch sparky behind the tower so our elixir will be enough to launch the giant. Put the giant in front of the sparky to be the damage receiver.

this is how you place the sparky and the giant


A.S.A.P launch the baby dragon above the sparky to flame fire on the enemy number troops or any troops. If the baby dragon is busy with one troop, we can send our minions or throw the fireball to support the Baby Dragon. 

When there are barbarians, elite barbs, wizard, ewiz, we can send the tornado to pull them away. Hopefully, after they are pulled away, they will retarget on the giant or baby dragon or minions, not the sparky.

As a result, with the protection like this, we are more likely succeed in making the sparky attack.

this is the sparky madness with dragon


Defense Combo

We can combine the tornado and fireball; I assume that you already know how to run this combo because I told you earlier. If we think we can kill the incoming troops by doing the distraction, we can send the skeletons. 

When there are tiny number troops such as goblins, spear gob, goblin gang, archers, minions (or horde), or skeletons army, we can just zap them all. So, our tower will only need one more hit for each reduced HP spawn.


There you have it; the deck combination and counter defense combo along with the simple strategy. You should really try this sparky ultimate, guys. You’ll know that you just need to be smarter and more patient if we want to get a very satisfying result.

Should I forget something or you think I make a mistake, you let me know. And please feel free to leave your comment suggestions down below. Let me know if you want me to write about any deck matchup or anything down below. See you again soon and enjoy your day!