2v2!! Holla holla here we go John & verd, what’s up? Dear players, here we collaborate again with continuing our project. Today, we are going to discuss our deck which we think the best deck we’ve ever played using gigantic bombers as primary damage dealers. John uses the balloon as a leader deck, while verd goes with the giant skeleton. We combine both cards with the clone… ho ho can you imagine that?





Yes, we are gonna clone those troops once they reach the enemy towers. Honestly, we can simply send the giant skeleton or balloon to die and drop the bombs because those bombs will cause a serious problem to the enemy. However, we don’t plainly send them together just to be dead. Also, we work on it and make the balloon and giant skeleton hit the enemy’s tower. Keep in mind guys, this is personal deck and, so it might work or not work for you who wanna try this deck. So many decks we’ve tried to combine but so far this 2V2 deck is the most powerful one. Alright, without any further ado let’s get started with John’s deck.


Johnnyboy’s deck:


Average Elixir Cost: 2.9



The first in our list, I have a combination of balloon and wizard. I actually use this deck for single battle too but it appears that this deck also works in 2v2 battle. Despite we already became teammate since several months, I already match with verd. Verd also has two primary cards; Giant skeleton, goblin barrel, and of course the mirror card. I don’t start with the massive attack in the early time, I’d rather expect for the enemy’s troops coming first and welcoming it with the wizard first.



I use wizard for defense first and it will continue attacking together with the balloon which is launched after the enemy’s troops are clean. I can actually run my wiz and balloon to go on attacking without verd’s support. But, in this 2v2 battle, we want to make our counter to be the unstoppable counter. In the same lane, verd will send his giant skeleton to complete my wiz and balloon; you can read verd’s strategy in the giant skely & mirror section. So there we are, we make an unstoppable counter attack at first. We don’t wait too long to launch our primary card if there are cards available on the list. 



I bring rage spell in my deck to fasten the giant skely, balloon, and wizard. The use of rage spell is very simple, I’m the one who makes the decision when to launch rage. Mostly, I put the spell whenever we make a counter-attack. I also should not be over commit to launching rage, if I see there are only a few troops left I won’t launch rage. 


Skeleton army, Minions, and Spear goblins

I use these cards to defend our tower in case there is single target enemy coming; can be P.E.K.K.A, prince, or three muskets. I play skeletons army and minions pretty simple and flexible. I can enclose them as well to support countering. And skeletons army as a bait placed in the middle of the lane. While spear goblins are actually having less role in this deck. I send spear gobs to make the enemy launch their troops. And of course I expect spear gobs to throw more than three spears to the enemy’s tower. 


Fire Spirit

I send fire spirit to follow the giant skeletons. To protect the giant from spawns army. 



You know it’s only a bait.


Verdaccio’s deck:


Average Elixir Cost: 3.1


Giant Skeleton & Mirror

Start by deploying the Giant Skeleton at the very back of your crown tower. This way, you’ll give your elixir bar to recharge and use the mirror to deploy the second Giant Skeleton in front of the first one. This is the que for your partner to deploy the Balloon and the Wizard just right after the Big Bone enter the enemy’s area.


Goblin Barrel & Zap

Prepare these two cards for the enemy’s response to your attacking. In case they try to topple the Big Bone down, throw the Barrel to the targeted-tower. The Zap can be used to wipe swarm army and to restart the gradual damage of the Inferno Tower and the Inferno Dragon, it can even stop sparky’s laser charge.



This is the main kiter. Knight can be used as your tank in defending the crown. In case you find your enemies are P.E.K.K.A, Prince, Dark Prince etc, you might want to launch this yellow mustache guy, sorry guy.


Archers, Bats, Spear Goblins

The rest of the cards, right, they are to use as a reinforcement and a defensive mechanism. You can help the Knight in toppling the enemy’s troops down and save your tower. In spite of their low HP, they can be a nightmare if you launch them altogether.

There we are, sometimes we don’t need legendary cards while we can wisely play the normal troops. If you guys have any suggestion or request about what should us review next, please leave your comment below. Cheers!