2v2 battle with the inferno card and lots of surprises!  

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If you often play 2v2 with your friend and are looking for different strong deck, you’ve come to the right place.

Good news for you all as I’m about to give you a strategy for 2v2 using inferno cards as primary cards.

I wrote an article talking about how fundamental the inferno is in 2v2 battle. That’s inferno tower.

There’s still inferno dragon we can use to make today’s deck so unique and powerful. I believe none of you underestimate the inferno dragon because if you let it fly free, its gradual damage will sting you till there’s nothing left.

Alright, let’s get deeper into the two decks that you and your teammate will use.

1st deck

average elixir cost : 3.5


Play This Deck

This is the deck of inferno.

Whoever play with this deck make sure that you have inferno dragon and inferno tower because those are the key cards.

Besides, make sure that you have sparky too. We will complete the inferno dragon with the sparky.

So, it’s kinda like a sparky deck, but that’s not really so sparky because the damage dealer is still inferno dragon.

Then why should you enclose sparky in the deck?

That aims to trick the enemy. By having sparky and show the enemy that you have sparky, they will think you will play sparky deck.

Once they see sparky, all their attention is gonna be on the sparky.

Nah, after you get their attention, play the sparky covered by the baby dragon.

splash damage above sparky

Better not send the inferno dragon at the first counter.

The best way to play inferno dragon is to play it defensively.

So, you use the inferno dragon to kill the building targeting card, especially hog, giant, golem, lava, P.E.K.K.A.

your time is over, two hits only

After the iron helmet dragon finishes its job as a guardian, we can expect that it will continue to attack the enemy tower.

Now, time to collaborate with teammate

You guys try to succeed the inferno action; try to connect it to the tower by giving area support.

To support the inferno dragon is to cover by arrows or poison.

While you try to succeed the inferno, don’t get overcommit. Play softly at early game.

Now, you should focus on the defense.

Whoever play this deck, make sure that you have inferno tower ready on the list.

As I said in another article that one inferno tower could save your elixir.

You just have to put one inferno tower on the middle as defensive building and your elixir will be saved; get the elixir profit.

Strengthen everything with inferno beam fire

Meaning, once the inferno standing on the ground, it will give you extra defense and you don’t have to continuously send you defensive cards to defend.

You might just have to send the baby dragon and your teammate will defend too, so, inferno prevents you to have negative elixir trade.

Send the sparky from behind to give you extra ground protection.

Defensive sparky

This can be so good for the defense as it deals with are splash and very large amount of damage.

Sparky can shoot its thunderbolt from behind and the troops like giant, P.E.K.K.A, barbarians, hog, etc will die at one eye blink.

At this state, you’ll see that sparky mutually work together with the inferno tower and baby dragon.

defensive sparky starts from the corner behind the tower

After protecting tower, you go aggressively with the incoming sparky and ask your friend to send Giant skeleton in front of sparky.

Now, your teammate will lead the countering with giant skeleton and wizard.

Fire wizard is a perfect match for sparky as he can deal are damage to execute any swarmy.

A counter attack with giant skeleton is super beneficial. Whether he dies or not, he will give tower damage.

Moreover, you have sparky behind him, so it’s nearly inevitable.

Turn on sparky will shoot every ground troops and so the enemy will think twice how to prevent the giant skeleton connect to the tower.

If the giant skeleton can connect to the tower, the deadly bomb he carries will significantly reduce tower HP.

Never underestimate giant skeleton guys, anyone who face giant skeleton should be able to kill him in a distance.

Here’s the best part. 

You only spend your elixir for the sparky, right? So, your elixir will recharge.

Once your elixir reaches 6 bars, send inferno dragon at the opposite lane.

Place the inferno dragon on the bridge and prepare the rage.

Either rage or arrows or zap.

Solo inferno dragon on the opposite lane with the rage; tricky and inevitable part

If the enemy distracts the inferno with skeleton army or minion horde, send arrows.

But, if they haven’t any cards to counter than rage.

The best timing to deploy inferno on the opposite lane is right after the enemy send their cards to counter sparky giant skeleton.

We are playing 2v2 so, wait till the two players of enemy team launches their best counter.

After they spend their elixir to prevent the giant skeleton and sparky, they won’t have enough elixir to block the inferno dragon.

This happens to me for many times, and most of victory that I got came from this tricky strategy.

In one side you have deadly combo sparky and giant skeleton, while on the other lane you have more vicious solo inferno rage.

Right now, you will 100% get one of the tower.

The enemy should split their counter so each lane won’t have extra protection.

This tricky strategy is 100% works; this is the deck of inferno where a solo inferno dragon shows its truest ability.

The burst damage from inferno dragon is faster than giant skeleton sparky combo, I’m sure of that.

Alright my friends, that’s how you play the deck of inferno.

Inferno cards and sparky are irreplaceable, but you can freely replace the rest of the deck with the support you think best.

2nd deck

Welcome to the hazardous skeletons deck. In this deck, you’ll have some skeletons troops or in other form of skeletons.

average elixir cost : 3.6


Play This Deck

Alright, whoever play this deck should have giant skeleton, poison, and witch because those are the primary cards.

Don’t worry about the area damage dealer because your teammate has baby dragon and arrows already.

This is the support deck and the defense deck.

Giant skeleton is the primary tanker. Besides tanker, its death passive can significantly reduce enemy’s HP.

You know already about the tricky strategy with solo inferno dragon

Defensive Deck?

With this deck, just play defensively with the witch, tombstone, poison and knight.

Those troops above will be supported by the inferno tower of your teammate.

get stronger defense with inferno tower; the tower supports support

knight and tombstone can be distraction for the enemy.

The first move you should do is to build the tombstone on the middle.

That will be no purpose; just for startup.

Afterwards, your teammate will launch sparky and baby dragon. Nah, if you have giant skeleton, send it in front of sparky.

GS: Follow me! I’m useful for you in the afterlife too

That’s the first attempt.

Afterwards, if you need extra defense, ask your friend to build inferno tower and you go with wizard.

If you and your teammate decide to run the tricky strategy, you should provide the best support for inferno dragon.

You have poison and zap, be ready to launch it.

Once you see enemy distracts the inferno with the swarmy,

put poison to counter minion horde

and zap for skeleton army.

zap the skeleton army, let inferno dragon focus on tower

Your friend has arrows too, so, I believe the inferno will be supported pretty well.

So far, you can see that we have 2 independent deck that can actually work in 1v1 battle.

However, these two decks combination will be so tricky and will bring you victory.

The key gameplay

Our focus is on giant skeleton and sparky.

Inferno dragon is a part of tricky strategy.

Basically, we just have to play regular game battle and don’t get confused with the inferno dragon.

You can always run the tricky strategy once you see the two players of the enemy have launched their counter on the lane where sparky and giant skeleton landed.

The tricky strategy starts with 6 bars elixir of the inferno deck.

Afterwards, launch the inferno right on the bridge.

Nothing can beat the raged solo inferno dragon. oops!


We come to the end, now, you know there’s always extraordinary deed you can do to get win.

And this is so tricky with the inferno dragon.

I think that’s it for today’s article.

Hope you enjoy the article and find this useful. Please feel free to leave you comment and brilliant ideas down below. And don’t hesitate if you questioned anything.

See you again soon and hope your coffee be strong and Tuesday be short. God bless!