Hello young soul! Come back again with me, JohnnyBoy after several days out of radar. Today’s I’m gonna give you a strategy along with the decks that you can use in 2v2 battle. Our main focus here is golem and mega knight.

Fantastical best full of greatness

This might be the best deck in 2v2; of course, if you play it with your friends next to you. It is because this strategy requires you to discuss and combine the deck. Especially the steps of running the mega knight and golem; when, where, what to achieve, etc.

These decks won’t be too expensive tho. It is because each person in the team carry one golem and another one brings the mega knight.

Since the launching day of the mega knight, the man in black extraordinarily shocks us of how unstoppable he is. He could jump to whatever troops and building in front of him. Besides, he is quite tanky too so; we can utilize its high HP to be in the front line.

Another greatness of this deck is the golem, the best ground tank you can use to protect the mega knight.

So, for each person in your team should have these two main cards. The next thing you should do is to create the mutual deck.

average elixir cost : 3.1


Play This Deck

Deck of damage dealer

Nah, this is the first deck you should enclose. As you can tell, there are great damage dealers in the deck. Yes, this deck should be the deck of damage dealer.

Whoever playing with this deck should focus on attacking. Remember, mega knight is the primary striker and inferno dragon is primary defender.

Launch mega knight after your teammate send the golem.

After you launch the mega knight send the ice wizard. Here we will have a great combination of mega knight and ice wizard.

They can mutually work together because the ice wizard can slow down any single targeting troops like wizard, bowler, witch, etc that might be danger for the man in black.

Skeletons army, which is the common counter card for mega knight will die in seconds by the ice splash.

You can complete the mega knight ice wizard with dart goblin or bats; cheap cards to support. I highly recommend bats.

Send your bats when the mega knight connects to the tower and still has high HP.

mega knight and bats; looks like batman in action huh?

For you best defense, inferno dragon can handle the building targeting and single target troops pretty easily. Save the inferno only for defending because you can’t handle tanky troops like lava or golem.

After defending with inferno dragon, it will proceed to counter.

When your inferno dragon still has high HP and about to enter the enemy lane, ask your friend to send the bowler.

Don’t forget fellas, you have plenty of spell cards.

Whenever your mega knight counters alone, make sure that you have arrows ready.

Your friend will bring some spells too, but you should use your own arrow.

So, your teammate wont waste elixir; his/her elixir should be for the golem.

See what’s in 2nd deck

average elixir cost : 3.5


Play This Deck

Welcome to the defensive deck where you’ll find the best tanky troops. This deck seems so stony, rocky, and tanky.

We have two solid rocks; golem and bowler which mutually work together.

Bowler is a good match for the golem; to execute the swarmy. Unfortunately, bowler can’t throw the stone up to the air.

So, if you think bowler is not good enough, you can replace it with executioner.

The golem is the attention guys. What I mean here is that golem will be the only card that can get the enemy attention.

Golem with bowler or executioner behind is an unstoppable combination. They get stronger if we can include more support behind the golem.

Mega minion can be a great option to fill the empty chair; to do the job together with the golem.

Whoever playing this deck should be the decision maker. Meaning, you should take the first move.

Begin your battle with the golem behind the tower.

Actually, you can put anything behind golem. But, I highly recommend you to ask your friend and ask for the ice wizard.

winter is coming; that’s good for us

long winter for the enemy; give a way for our golem

Why should ice wizard and not straight to mega knight? That will be too risky my friends. We better keep the mega knight as the final executioner.

Besides, ice wizard that you put behind the golem will be so helpful as he controls the enemy. What I mean controls is that he can slow down any ground and air units.

Ice wizard is the leading actor for the rest of the support behind the golem. That could be another reason why we better mega knight. Because the golem along with the support can cause serious problem for the enemy.

Nah, after you run that combo; golem and support. Ask your friends to run defensive mega knight.

The best part

Mega knight is the best damage dealer you can get in this game.

Let’s say you get one tower right. The next thing you should do is launch the mega knight from the middle.

The empty space in the middle is the best place for the mega knight landing. It is because he can dive in and get the tower very instantly. Along with the rest of the support and gigantic golem, he can be so chaotic.

Once you put the man in iron helmet on the middle, he jumps to the target and recklessly hits the enemy until there’s nothing left.

The perfect timing to send him on the middle is when the enemy’s tower target on golem. Hopefully, golem can protect the mega knight until he can engage to the tower and give you the crown.

Once the mega knight connects to the tower, send the bats.

get the crown with mega knight, bats, mega minion!

Bats is the perfect card to support the mega knight. They are fast, many, and flying. You can actually pick the minions or horde army instead of the bats. But there’re things you should mind before you decide.

Bats have very fast speed movement, they are five (which is more than minions), and they are the cheapest air support you can get.

You should try the mega knight and bats by your own. Once you try you’ll know how reckless their combination is.

After you get into mega knight and bats, you realise that there are two tankers; golem and mega knight, protecting the bats.

By having air units for the support at least we can prevent the death from the log and bowler.


This section is really important for you to know mates. A good teamwork is the only thing that can bring you victory. Not the golem, not mega knight, or etc. Teamwork.

Intense communication with your teammate. Means that you and your friend should consider first when to launch the mega knight after the golem. Or we can call it the ultimate combo.

The team will spend a lot of elixir for the mega knight. So, mind your both elixir spending.

Besides the elixir spending, mega knight is the strongest defensive card. So, don’t launch the mega knight while you still overwhelmed with your defense.

Try to build strong counter using the golem, ice wizard, and bowler in the early game. Or else, golem, executioner, dart goblin, and archers.

Honestly, you can send the golem with any other support cards. But don’t play defensive card; mega minion, mega knight, and inferno dragon.

You can counter using defensive cards above after you use them for defending.

Beam fire the executioner

In the mid game, you can show the enemy that you still have the beam fire executioner; inferno dragon.

After you predict the enemy cards, you can run inferno dragon for countering.

But before, we better have spells ready. Because the enemy will send their swarmy to distract the inferno.

The best place to run inferno dragon is when you already get one tower and place it on the bridge.

To complete the inferno dragon, ask your teammate to prepare the zap, poison, or ice spirit. Now, the one who have inferno dragon needs support from the teammate.

Trust your teammate in doing the support. You still have one job to do.

If the inferno fails running its mission, don’t worry you still have the mega knight.

But, wait till the golem ready on the field. Mega knight and inferno dragon have similar counter card; swarmy.

Hopefully, the enemy spend their swarmy to counter the inferno. So, your mega knight won’t face the swarmy anymore.

Now, the one who have mega knight ask your friend to prepare the poison.

Poison can cover the golem, mega knight, and other support from any ground and air units.

You can change the poison with freeze if you like. But let’s we focus on the poison yes.

Put the poison near the tower. So, you reduce the tower along with the counter cards.

Now, if you guys enter the 2x time, let’s do an extraordinary counter.

Let’s get your three crowns!

In 2x elixir, let’s say you already get one tower alright.


Go aggressive. Goes three crowns!

Run the golem combo on the standing princess tower.

Keep the mega knight ready and bats.

Once the golem attracts the enemy’s attention, send mega knight and bats from the opposite lane.

That will look so chaotic and vicious as you have double side countering.

Double sides counter; combo golem on one side, solo mega knight on the other side


Alright, that’s long.

Now, you have the best strategy already. Now, you should run this combo, try this and feel the heat. Be the witness of glorious double side countering. Behold the two strongest card doing reckless action together.

I’m JohnnyBoy, hope you enjoy this article and please leave your comment or brilliant ideas down below. Enlighten me with your suggestion okay.

Have a beautiful day everyone!