Royal Giant rocks the enemy

Are you ready to rock the enemy? Holla everyone! JohnnyBoy’s here with a new useful strategy for you who seek 2v2 deck and trick.

In today’s article, we are gonna talk about the use of the cannon carrier; Royal Giant.

Meet the Cannon Carrier

The golden hairy big man can be really dangerous as he can shoot cannon from a distance.

You can find Royal Giant at Royal Arena (arena 7)

Although he has lower HP than regular giant, he has 6.5 shoot range, which is an advantageous.

This card costs you 6 elixir, I know that’s expensive but after you finish this article you’ll feel worth it to enclose royal giant in the deck.

Whenever you play RG, you’ll sometimes feel overwhelmed because the enemy will counter your RG and never let him shoots for long time.

Don’t worry guys, because today I’m gonna show you the best way to play RG especially in 2v2 battle.

The basic thing you should know is providing area damage for RG.

One of the best area damage card is poison spell.

Before we go further, let’s see the deck matchups for you and your teammate.

1st deck

Average elixir cost : 3.6


Play This Deck

Welcome to the area damage dealer deck.

First of all, this deck is dominated by area damage cards.

Seems like whoever play this deck should have RG and poison because those are the primary cards.

This deck also looks defensive as we have tesla and rocket but these cards are optional.

You can replace one of them by bomb tower.

Bomb tower is very good for defensive building in RG deck.

Due to the enemy will counter your RG with swarmy.

And those swarmy will continue to come to the tower after they finish RG

That’s gonna be minor problem because those swarmy might have connect to our tower and destroy it.

To prevent that, bomb tower will explode all incoming swarmy.

we are closed already, you can’t enter

But unfortunately, bomb tower can’t counter air units.

Don’t worry guys, if you prefer bomb tower, your teammate will have something special to strengthen defense.

Alright, let’s move on.

The first thing you need to do first is sending the royal giant

Deploy him from behind the tower.

RG from behind can give us some time to wait for elixir recharge.

When you and your friend have RG on the list, send both of them in the same deployment place.

From behind the tower, royal giants will come forward

Once two royal giants about to enter the bridge, send bomber.

I’ll go with you to protect you

Altogether with the Supports!

The tiny bomb carrier skeleton will be so significant and important.

A bomber can kill all bridge spam of the enemy and well protecting the Giants.

Since you and your teammate have similar deck matchups, one of you should have a bomber ready to deploy.

To support the RG we need rangers that can handle the air units.

That will be the spear goblins or musketeer of your teammate.

When you have spear goblins ready, send them immediately.

I wrote an article about the synergy of royal giant and spear goblins.

Send the spear goblins after the bomber.

Now, the two royal giants will shoot more and more cannon bullet to the tower.

Before they die by the swarmy, prepare poison.

You and your teammate will bring poison so, you guys must have at least one poison ready

At the moment the RG still have high HP, put poison for area damage.

Make sure that the poison hit the tower too, another tower damage advantage, right?

The troops like bats, minions, minion horde, goblin gang, and skeleton army will be no longer exist and stop interrupting RG.

Once you reach this state, you’ll reduce enemy’s tower, I guarantee that.

 restricted area = poisonous

Next, play defensively

To make a good defense, build the bomb tower

Your teammate will have tombstone and tesla too,

So, if the enemy counters with air units, deploy tesla.

Knight is a good defense option.

This tiny tank will be very much helpful.

The best way to play defense with the knight is to deploy him on the middle of your lane.

That aims to distract the enemy,

Meanwhile, our tower will shoot on them and reduce them.

Distraction with the knight won’t be 100% diminish all troops but at least you can reduce their HP and so they won’t hurt our tower so bad.

So, that’s the defensive play with knight, bomb tower, and tesla.

Tombstone is a perfect defense option to handle building targeting troops like giant, RG, hog, lava, and golem.

House of skeletons is a distraction building that can prevent you tower damage.

Whenever you are head to head with prince or dark prince and P.E.K.K.A, don’t worry

Those skeletons from tombstone won’t let the prince cards to touch your tower.

Besides, we have another building cards, so your defense is pretty much strong.

2nd deck

Average elixir cost : 4.1


Play This Deck

Welcome to the support deck!

Whoever play this deck should have higher level poison and arrows.

That’s simply because you can provide better support for the RG.

Alright, as you can see that you’ll have minions.

Yet, minions are optional. Bats, or baby dragon are good replacements for minions.

You will fully handle the air units.

Deploy arrows once you see minion horde, bats, or minions that strike your RG.

Send the minions or bats if you head to head with lava deck or inferno dragon.

By having this second deck, you’ll have a strong defense against lava deck.

In addition, since you play 2v2 battle, I have a secret strategy that might be useful.

Saucerful of secret

When you finished one tower, you can send the bomber in one line with the next tower.

Don’t forget to deploy RG in front of the bomber.

Now, either you or your teammate deploy another RG from the open space in the middle.

The RG on the middle will aim the princess tower with shorter range.


many player named this strategy “Pocket”

That functions to split the enemy focus on the two RG.

Therefore, one of the RG will have more and more shoot on the tower.

Prepare the poisons.

Now, we will go recklessly aggressive with the rocket, graveyard, and poison.

Let’s continue

After you have one RG on the middle space, deploy poison.

We will have two poisons, but deploy it one by one,

So, whatever standing on the poisonous area will be burnt and the RG remain healthy.

Send the musketeer behind the RG on the bridge.

Let the RG on the middle covered by only the poison.

The bomber and musketeer will excellently cover the RG.

Musketeer deals direct damage by shooting its gun boomstick.

Our pretty lady is a perfect cover for the RG because she deals with air and ground.

Besides, she has medium shoot speed and only costs you 4 elixirs.

She will be standing on far behind the RG and bomber and cover them from far.

No Mercy

Once you reach this state, the one who has rocket should be ready to rock the enemy.

Before you deploy the rocket, go with the graveyard first.

Graveyard and RG combo is extreme guys.

On one hand, the resurrected skeletons from graveyard will continuously stab the tower.

In the other hand, the RG keep shooting its cannon.

We force the enemy to split their countering.

You can ask your friend to deploy rocket to kill anything that interrupt the graveyard.

Send the rocket on the tower area.

Besides you get tower damage, the enemy’s troops will die instantly by the landing rocket.

Rocket is ready for landing! Watch out! 

Play the Saucerful of secret on late game or 2x elixir.

Oh, you can play the spells for defense purposes too.

Don’t hesitate to deploy rocket on the incoming troops like witch, wizards, dragon, sparky, prince, and any other light troops.

Unfortunately, a rocket can’t kill the tanker like lava and golem, but sure you can rocket them to reduce its HP.

Put the poison or deploy arrows on the incoming swarmy.

We welcome them with the spells and distraction tombstone.


That’s long navigation huh. But now you know that RG is so worth it even be the key of success if we understand how to play it.

I hope you find this article useful.

If you guys want me to review anything or brilliant suggestion please feel free to leave your comment bellow.

See you again soon in another article!