You hit the 2 v 2 button a lot? Then I am sure you need some of the 2 v 2 tips and tricks.


I just think that this tips and tricks will be useful to get you win as much as you can. For you guys who just started to play the game, then this thread is a must-read. 

Your Brain


Whenever you decide to play a 2 v 2 battle, you have to change your tactics. Never think that you play individually, you need to have a perspective as a team and support your teammate’s decision.

You have to concentrate while playing your battle deck because your mind needs to be reminded all the time that you’re not playing alone. Also, always remember your teammates battle deck so, it’ll help you decide your decision.

Think of a card which your teammate used to attack and instead of deploying another offensive troop just think a support card that could help your friend’s force and bring the crowns.


Figure out your teammate’s style


When you play the regular single battle, you have to figure out your opponent’s strategy in the battle. However, in 2 v 2, you should figure out your teammates’ way of play.

Try to guess if your teammate is concentrated more on attacking or defending. Understand if your teammates play in safe style or being a risk taker. 


Figure out The Meaning of Your Teammate’s Deck


This one is important and requires our attention. In 2 v 2, you can’t win if you’re confused about what is the meaning of your teammate’s deck. You’ll notice what it means in the first minute of the game if you concentrate.

You need to see what part of each card your teammates play, which one is the card he/she uses to attack or defend, and which cards can synergize well with your set of cards in your deck. Also, keep in mind that your teammates would do the same so, it’s better for you to keep synergizing your cards with your mate.


Patience in Deploying Cards


Everyone who plays in 2 v 2 modes might experience the situation where you and your teammates use a similar card to kill 1 card. And! It’s just appeared to be foolish. Timing is the key in 2 v 2. Never rush to deploy a counter card if it’s just about to be late. Still, don’t let eager and panic get the better of you.

If you don’t want to see such awkwardness, calmly, wisely and slowly play your cards. You can hover or hold your card where it’s about to land or deploy, so your mate will notice that you’re about to deploy the card.


Internet connection


The last but not least is just no less important. This one is not only a loss factor in 2 v 2 but also in regular battle. So many times, players lose battles due to the disconnected internet or it’s just a bad network connection.

Sometimes we must take the bowl of poop cause of that. But, that’s okay! I mean it only affect us alone, right. Yet, in 2 v 2, you’re not alone, remember. When you get a bad internet connection and end up disconnected from the game, your teammate is 1000% going to lose, because of you! Yup, it’s just extremely hard to stand against 2 players with 2 sets of decks and twice cards than you in total. You might end up being cursed by your teammate, your least problem though.

Well, awesome people! How about that, if you have something else that can affect this 2 v 2 mode in winning, please kindly share here with us. You can leave it in the comment column down below. See ya guys!