Hey yow, what’s up? Everybody is alright? I hope you are mate because there is an exciting event that is happening in Clash Royale.


Yap, a new event is ongoing now right now and it is called the 2 v 2 Mirror Battle Challenge.

What should we know about this challenge?

In this challenge, you will compete in the 2 v 2 mode against your opponent with exactly the same deck.

What is that means? It means it will be pure depending on your skill as a teammate as the decks are all the same. The deck itself will contain a mirror card.

The same as the usual challenge, you will be lost if you lost 3 of the battles.

There will be 6 matches where you can win

500 golds at 2 wins

10x rare cards at 4 wins

And x2 mirror cards at 6 wins

The challenge itself will be like the usual 2 v 2 battle where you can play with your friends or a quick battle with a random player

You can have at least 600 golds and 25 cards as the top prize!

Get yourself ready as it is all about your skill in playing with your teammate.

It is ongoing just now!

Me signing out, cheers!