Hi, to you all Clash Royale champs all over the world. Howdie, back to your favorite uncle here. Me as one of the Clash Royale Kingdom crew again here to present the latest news of the game. 


Yap, mate today we have a very exciting news for all of you that one of the most celebrated features in the Clash Royale has back. 

As what we all have heard from all of the rumors, it is all turning great mate that it is official, the 2 V 2 button is back! Now, look at your main screen, wait no more because it starts today!

Oops, I’m not really a team guy

So start from now on, you, all of you young champs can play with your comrades, your clanmates or with the other player all over in the community once more and proving that you are a great teammate. 

Enter the battlefield with your best mate and destroy the enemy’s towers.

Prepare your strategy with your mates, figure out the best tactics for both of you and be the best crew on the battlefield. The more exciting news is each one of you will get two free magical chests if you are able to keep winning! 

Be ready to invite all of your best pals to start and win the war!

Ah don’t forget to put your thoughts on this news in the comment section below.

I’m going to play right now. So I’m signing out, cheers!