2 Giants, 2 Counter Lines Up – Another Way to Succeed Bomb Carrier

Hello Tuesday people! How are you today everyone? I wish you the best health and happiness. I wish you to be happy and share those fabulous spirit to everyone. This is another day where we are given another chance to be happy and do good among others. Other than that, we are just human and forgive others is a must. Alright, come back again with me JohnnyBoy who wants to bring you another useful article.

I’m so excited today for I’m gonna giving you a humongous deck that only relies on 2 giants. Well, in today’s article we have giant and giant skeleton as the primary cards. Cover up by the power of witchcraft, the 2 giants will have a great chance to succeed and win the battle. The main point of playing with these 2 giants is to succeed the giant skeleton in delivering the deadly bomb; utilizing its death effect. So, we will work hard to connect the GS and tower with the help of regular giant and witchcraft.

Since we have giant and giant skeleton in the deck, meaning we have more and more counter strategy utilizing each of them. Sometimes, we just have to play regularly. What I mean by that is not always combining the giant and giant skeleton in countering because that is expensive.

Here, I will give you strategies of how to play these 2 giants in once without running out of elixir. But before we continue our discussion, let’s see what we have in the deck.

Deck matchups


Average elixir cost : 5.0

Play This Deck

I guess this is another expensive deck article. Some of you may love to play with this kind of beat down deck. But some might don’t like. Well, give me a chance to impress you folks.

As you can see, besides 2 giants and witchcrafts, we have 2 building cards, and 2 spells. Although we have complete armour here, we don’t have to always spend our elixir for it. On the defense, we can rely on one of building card. Inferno tower if the enemy runs massive counter with a tank and supports. Inferno tower can quickly execute the tankers since it has burst damage ability. Besides, we can build the bomb tower to hold and stop building targeting troops and swarmy. Bomb tower is an underrated card, but here we can fully utilize its function to handle swarmy. If you don’t like the bomb tower, you can replace it with tesla tower, or troops.

How to defend?

Our defending will count on the inferno tower and bomb tower. Build the bomb tower if you are head to head against ground troops. Place the bomb tower in front at the centre of your lane. The bomb tower can distract the incoming troops while our princess tower keeps on shooting on each single troop. Unfortunately, bomb tower only deals with ground and so the air units will easily destroy this building. We still have inferno tower which we can use to specifically kills heavy tanker such as PEKKA, lava, golem, and other building targeting card. Building targeting troops such as balloon, hog rider, giant, GS, will not survive against inferno tower.


bomb tower dealing with swarmy and distract building targeting card


inferno tower positioning

There are also 2 spells which we can use quite flexibly to counter or defense. We can rocket to kill three musketeers, tanker supports, sparky, elite barbarians, etc. This is expensive but you can always get what you want, especially to finish off the tower.


One more spell is tornado. We can deploy tornado to push away the enemy from tower. Here, we can combine the tornado and rocket. Deploy tornado first, once the enemy gather in a whirlwind, send the rocket on the whirlwind. This combo will kill any incoming troops I assure you. But if you wanna play with rocket, better you upgrade it first so you have high level rocket.


1ST and 2nd Layer Counter Line

Alright, let’s just get into the main topic of this article; countering with 2 giants. The first thing we need to do is to run regular countering with giant and witch. Due to elixir saving, you should deploy the giant at the corner of your lane. Then, wait till the elixir enough to deploy witch. Deploy the witch once your elixir reaches 5 bars and make sure the witch is behind the giant. After the witch, wait till your elixir recharge again. And once it reaches 6 bars, deploy the giant skeleton behind the witch.


1st layer with giant skeleton

At this moment, the enemy will target on the giant first while witch keeps on dealing with those defense cards. This is gonna be a disaster for the enemy I guess because the giant skeleton will be followed by the wizard and both cards only have to deal with the rest of defensive cards. Wizard can pretty much cover the giant skeleton against remaining defense cards.


1st layer and 2nd layer. 2 Giants, 2 witchcrafts

The disaster is even greater because we have full HP giant skeleton in front of full HP wizard. These full HP will just have to fight near-dead troops, which is gonna be easy. This time, the giant skeleton will succeed to connect to the tower because it has full HP. Moreover, the GS will make some hits to the tower too.

So far, playing with these 4 cards is kind of making a pattern; counter pattern. We have 2 layers here. The first layer is giant and witch combo. This first layer functions to clear the path or at least combating the enemy from full HP till reduced. The second layer we have giant skeleton wizard which will finish the remaining troops and tower.


2nd layer comes in and finish off the remaining troops. Bomb delivery is successful

Remember that we have a rocket and tornado. So, we can deploy these two spells if we need extra support for the 1st and 2nd layer. Oh, and keep this in mind, you can run the 2nd layer (GS wizard) first then the 1st layer (giant witch). This will be quite similar, the different is you won’t have death effect giant skeleton on the tower (if enemy can distract him)


Alright everyone, what do you think about this deck and defense counter strategy? Now, we have another way and relatively stronger support to succeed the giant skeleton. Never let the giant skeleton walks alone. He is reckless and needs guide or support. All we need to do is to keep him on track and he will give you the expected result.

How’s your strategy to succeed the giant skeleton out of enemy’s distraction? If you have any, please complete me with your advices and ideas. Leave your comments and suggestion bellow. 2 giants? That might sound unperfect. But this imperfection is perfect. Happy Tuesday and Have fun!