There are 15 myths in Clash Royale you didn’t know although maybe you’ve been playing the game for a long time. Alright, you are here with me JohnnyBoy, and today I’m gonna give you 15 Clash Royale facts article outside strategy deck battle. Let’s check out what are 15 myths in Clash Royale you didn’t know. 


1. Greenish Minion Horde in clone

No cards could ever turn greenish when they are cloned then burned on Poison. However, if you play Minion Horde, clone them, and your opponent set up Poison, you’ll see the Horde in toxic green gas make them look greenish.

Green toxic gas


2. Bomber is missing from Bomb Tower

This myth turned out to be true, Bomber can be missing and not standing on Bomb Tower if you deploy it behind your tower. It is proven by Eclihpse and Jewishlewish when they played friendly battle.

Where’s the bomber?


3. Inferno Tower on enemy’s territory

If you play Clash Royale and you fully fill up your lane with buildings, you’ll be able to deploy and place Inferno Tower and even any tower in anywhere of enemy’s territory, isn’t that awesome? This happened when our lovely pro Youtuber Chief Pat tested it. There was no more space to put Inferno Tower in his lane, so, he attempted to build it in enemy’s territory. Not only enabled to deploy it on enemy’s territory, it also successfully destroyed the tower. Unfortunately, we can’t do it anymore, it’s a myth from long time ago.

Good old days


4. Turning Arrows

This myth is very rare to happen. When Princess tower targets on Bandit before she dashes, the Arrows will normally be locked on to her and hit her. And then when she begins to dash, the Arrows will follow her even it will turn because the Arrows already locked on to her.

It’s so rare to happen


5. Giant Skeleton’s bomb will push troops across the river

We all know that the bomb explosion of Giant Skeleton is insanely great and deadly. Even, it can push any troops with high HP across the river if they are standing near the bridge. Of course, the troops like Goblins, Skeletons, and other light cards won’t be pushed away, they die instantly.

Across the river because of bomb, LOL!


6. Dead Graveyard

If you deploy Graveyard when the battle is nearly over, you’ll see the Graveyard won’t spawn skeletons, instead, Graveyard will only spawn graves. This happens because the end of the match will cause skeletons to die before they can even appear leading to graves continuously being spawned after the end of the match.

Only the graves, no skeletons


7. Draw in overtime

If you play with any destructive spells, and the game happens to be so tight, you will lead to the overtime. And if in the overtime you still play so tight, the game can end up draw if you and the opponent launch the destructive spell at the same time and one tower destroyed.



8. Taunt limit reached!

You need to know that you won’t be able to continuously send any emotes or taunts if you do it too often or let’s say spamming. This happened because Supercell want to prevent spamming. However, if you still want to do the spamming, you can do it as you wish, by reloading the game. So, this myth was true, don’t spam!


Don’t spam please!

9. Wasting elixir

This happens to Lightning players. If you deploy Lightning when there’s no target you will waste 6 elixirs and the Lightning itself won’t show up. So, don’t deploy Lightning if you don’t have target.

Mind your elixir guys! 

10. Lava pups won’t spread when there’s Executioner

I’m not sure whether this is a glitch or myth, but if you defend the lane with Executioner when you fight against Lava Hound, the Lava Pups will hug together and ease Executioner finishes the job. Although this is probably untrue myth, but there’s a gameplay to confirm the myth is true.

They want to die faster I guess


11. Snowy Frozen Peak

Have you ever seen snow in Frozen Peak? Well, if you play with Golem in Frozen Peak. You’ll see the snow drops in the arena if you deploy Golem in so early battle when you don’t have enough elixir for it.

Golem creates snow

12. Move Lava Hound with small troops

Lava Hound is extremely big and heavy troops which seems impossible to be pushed away by small troops. Unless Lava Hound gets distracted by building tower, I thought it will fly just straight. This myth is confirmed to be true but you will rarely see it.

They can move Lava Hound

13. Troops walk in wrong way

If you can play simple Tornado trick, you can turn Golem into move in opposite direction. This will likely happen to other cards too. This will be a clever defend strategy when you defend against any beatdown counter.

Just simple tornado trick like this

14. Level 6 Legendary

If you play Clash Royale since long time ago, you’ll know that Legendary cards can be upgraded up to level 6, and the performance is beyond awesome, it’s too OP! But, this time, you won’t be able to upgraded it up to level 6. Level 5 is max. however, you can get level 6 legendary cards if you upgrade it up to level 5, then mirror it with Mirror card. That’s just a trick if you want to feel how OP they are.


You won’t be able to upgrade Legendary cards like old times

15. Pay gold to battle and friendly battle

Back at early time of Clash Royale, you need to pay gold when you want to play 1v1 battle, or even friendly battle. Fortunately, it’s free now.


The cost depends on which arena you are in



Luckily, you are now free to friendly battle


Well, those are 15 myths in Clash Royale. Although not all of them confirmed to be true and still questionable, but it’s fun to know that they once happened in the game. Maybe they are glitches or maybe some real tricks. I hope you enjoy this article, Good luck guys!